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Change the sentences into Passive. 1. This writer a lot of books. 2. You will buy this CD tomorrow. 3. The police were following him until he got to the office. 4. The doctor had already told him to go on a diet. 5. You must tide your bedroom. 6.the hotel servants didn't iron the shirts. 7. Young people play basketball in Turkey. 8. Did the school master invite the children to dinner.

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1. A log of books were written by this writer 2.This cd will be bought (by you) tomorrow 3.he was being followed by the police until he got to the office 4.he had been alredy told by the doctor to go... 5.your bedroom must be tided 6. The shirts wasn't ironed by the... 7.basketball is played by young People in Turkey 8.were the children invited to dinner by the school master

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