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1) Mark said that he.... a great time in London the previous summer

a) had had

b) would have

c) has had

2) Michael must.... on the phone. I've tried calling him but his line is busy.

a)have talken

b) be talking

c) talk

3) Neither Annabel.... Sue has ever flown in a plane.

a) or

b) and

c) nor

4) What time does the train...Bristol?

a) arrive

b) get

c) reach

5) John says that when he was a student maths .... his least favourite subject

a) were

b) has been

c) was

6) My mum says she'll never forget.... my dad for the first time

a) to meet

b) she met

c) meeting

7) The burning of fossil fuels has a bad ..... on our environment

a) drawback

b) impact

c) fault

8) Mum advise me..... the heavy box up the stairs.

a) njt to carry

b) don't carry

c) to not carry

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