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Помогите ПОЖАЛУЙСТА! Write about any museum you have visited or would like to visit

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Kharkiv Museums 

Kharkiv is a big city and there are a lot of museums in it.

To begin with, there is the History Museum in the centre of the city.

The museum shows the history of the Kharkiv Region since earliest times till nowadays; it has rich collections of weapons, coins, historical documents and pictures.

Not far from the Opera House there is another museum — the Museum of Fine Arts.

I like to visit this museum very much.

The Museum building is not very large but it contains a rich collection of paintings by Russian, Ukrainian and West European painters.

There are pictures by Russian painters Brulov, Kramskoy, Shishkin and Repin.

In the Kharkiv Picture Gallery there are several paintings by Repin.

My favourite Repin’s picture is “Zaporozhtsi”; it shows Zaporizhian Cossacks writing a letter to a Turkish sultan.

I believe Repin’s picture “Zaporozhtsi” reflects the soul of the Ukrainian people, shows the best national characteristics.

My favourite Ukrainian painter is Semi-radsky.

Semiradsky is also our fellow-countryman; he was born in 1843 in the village of Petchenegi.

Semiradsky is a representative of the academic painting, and he was much criticised because he painted historical scenes but the real life.

But I like his pictures because they are painted with a great skill.

The Museum also contains sculptures by Russian and Ukrainian sculptors, pictures by Italian Renaissance painters and paintings by French, Flemish and German artists.

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