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Помогите пожалуйста написать про свой любимый предмет в школе на английском

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My name is Svetlana. I’m fifteen years old. I study in the ninth grade of a secondary school. We study lots of subjects at school, such as Maths, Geography, Biology and many others. I think all these subjects are interesting and useful, however, I’ve always preferred Humanities. I particularly like foreign languages and my favourite subject is English. There are several reasons for that. First of all, English is the most popular language in the world nowadays. Moreover, it’s the international computer language, which, to my mind, is very important. Secondly, English is a very melodic language and has a long history. Many traditions of English people are reflected in their language. I think that studying a foreign language allows to learn more about the country, its culture and history, its people and their lifestyles. Such knowledge broadens your mind and makes tolerant towards other people and nations. Our English lessons are always varied and exciting. Although there are sometimes difficult tasks, such as doing grammar exercises, writing essays, learning large texts, the majority of activities are very interesting. We sometimes learn English proverbs, songs, poetry and even play games. After all, school is not the only place where I learn English. I take every opportunity to improve my knowledge at home or with my friends. We often watch films and programmes in English, or read authentic books and magazines. Internet also offers many interactive ways to learn foreign languages nowadays, so I believe that learning English can become real fun!

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