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Мне нужно описать 3 друга по гораскопу помагите рожалуйста на англиском языку  плиззз

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I have a friend Alice. She is a Sagittarius. She is a very optimistic and interesting person. Alice loves big companies and she is really keen on communication, moreover it is the bigger part of her life . As the typical Sagittarius she is attracted to danger and she likes physical and emotional risk. Alice is also very talkative and eccentric person. Another trait of her character that describes her as a Sagittarius is that she can only rely on herself. Despite the fact that she does not ask for any help, Alice is always ready to help others.

Another friend-Oleg is a Gemini. He studies arts and has unusual imagination. He can be a bit nervous sometimes but still he is a perfect friend with whom it is easy to communicate. Gemini is always trying to reach new unusual aims and Oleg cannot just sit and do nothing. My friend can do the only things that really attract his attention. Deep inside his soul he is trying to reach the ideal and everything surrounding him can become this idealized thing.

And the third friend- Sonya is a Leo. She is proud, noble  and generous as the real king. Sonya is an emotional and energetic type of person. Leo always wants to have power of all the people around them so it becomes very hard sometimes to deal with Sonya as she wants to control everything and everybody. When she is in a company, she attracts all the  people's attention and easily becomes the main narrator.  Sonya can show her real character and feelings to the only people, who she describes as the best friends.

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